Why do business with Maurice Ward & Co s.r.o. manufacturing division?

We are technically proficient and capable – apart from all the other advantages detailed here. The most important is that we can make your project a reality. We can deliver high volume parts on time and at an acceptable quality. We do this on a daily basis for our current customers and have a proven history of technical capability and skill.

The Maurice Ward Group has grown organically. It is debt free and not hindered by the requirements of third parties. We can afford to invest in new technologies and extra machinery. We can build tools for our customers and in certain circumstances allow payment over an agreed time frame. Also under certain circumstances we can locate near to your facility if a local supplier is preferred.

We have considerable experience in manufacturing in general and plastic moulding and painting in particular. Some of our key management staff are over 25 years in the industry.

We have a wider range of technologies then most other companies in the industry.

We believe strongly in the concept of service. Our customers genuinely come first.

Our machinery is all under 5 years old and maintained to the highest standards.

We can offer a full service from manufacturing, warehousing, freight forwarding and customs.

All decisions will be made quickly and decisively. We have no layers of management to be consulted in many countries.

You will be dealing with a company of genuine large scale, yet still enjoying the full service and focus that a small to medium size business may provide.