At Maurice Ward Manufacutring division we have a strategy  of keeping at the forefront of technology.

As well as being able to offer standard injection moulding services on our wide range of injection moulding machines (60 tons to 1750 tons) (download specification sheet here), we can also offer some special services including Gas Injection Moulding – Where for parts with thicker then normal wall sections we can inject nitrogen along with the polymer to hollow out the internal wall section and ensure the visible surface is flat and free of sink marks.

RHCM Moulding  – With RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycling Moulding) we heat the tool to 150 degrees celsius prior ot injection, then after the completion of injection we cool the tool wiht chilled water. This gives us parts free of weldlines and with a perfect surface finish within a reasonable cycle time. In some instances it eliminates the need for more post moulding processes (painting, hot foil etc).

Automated Spray Painitng – with our robotic spray painting system we can paint parts to a high levle of quality with good consisteny. Paint integrity is ensured by automated mixing. Our paint area is a climate controlled with a filtered air system to minimise dust particles.

Laser Etching – with our laser etching machines we can print on plastic parts with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. Our speciality in this area is printing computer keyboards, but we have other experience in other areas also.

Tampo Printing – we print many thousands of parts weekly. We have excellent ties with some key suppliers in the area which means we can get ink and clichés very quickly. We have our own workshop which manufactures bespoke jigs to retain parts in an accurate and consistent position. Because of the above we have the ability to be fast, flexible and accurate in supplying tampo printed parts.

Assembly – With our in-build cost advantages (cost efficent factroy located in a low cost region) we can be a good solution for assembly needs. This cost advantage coupled with our experience in all sorts of assembly means we can be a good partner for your moulding + assembly needs or just straight assembly. We can handle small batch or big batch production. Also using our proprietary planning and warehousing software ULMS, we can control stock to a very high degree of accracy and also handle a complex BOMs.