The Maurice Ward Company was founded in Ireland in 1968. Since then it has continued to expand across Europe until today where it has as a presence in most European countries. Its core activities are Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Custom Clearance and Manufacturing.

All growth has been organic, so we are debt free and not encumbered with the needs of third parties. This makes Maurice Ward & Co s.r.o. a safe company to deal with. We pay all suppliers in a timely manner and your supply will not be put at risk by any financial issues.

The group is headquartered in Prague and the main manufacturing Facility is in Most, approx 45 minutes North West of Prague. It is also near the German border and close to most major routes through The Czech Rep. and the rest of Europe.

We employ approx 250 people within the manufacturing division of Maurice Ward s.r.o. Many of these are skilled engineers and technicians.

Maurice Ward & Co s.r.o. is a progressive company that is driven by its core belief of good service. We enjoy taking on challenges and making new projects work.