Maurice Ward Manufacturing division is part of the Maurice Ward Group.  
The manufacturing division is mainly focussed on injection moulding, spray painting (robotic and manual), laser etching, Tampo printing, assembly and tooling. We can also manage the manufacture of any injected moulded product from design stage to mass production.

As a result of significant investment in new technologies over the last number of years, Maurice Ward Manufacturing Division is able to offer a range of different technological services to our customers. Our technologies include the ability to mould high gloss parts without any weld lines (i.e. no need for post moulding processes) with our RHCM process. With our state of the art All Electric moulding machines we can process plastic to extremely close dimensional tolerances while also taking advantage of the increased dependability that All Electric Machines bring. From our painting facility we can paint plastic parts with our automated paint robots – we currently paint for both electronic and automotive customers.  Other complimentary abilities include laser etching, tampo printing and assembly.

This ability and willingness to invest is one of the stand out points of Maurice Ward s.r.o. Along with quick decision making (we are privately owned, we do not need to get approval from people at different levels, in different countries to get agreement for strategic investment) it  means we are ready, willing and able to support our customer requirements. This can include managing tool builds through amortisation over the a set period of time, to larger projects like setting up a new facility close to our customer’s site to more fully support them. We have a proven track record in delivering quality and we rank among the top quality suppliers to all of our customers.

As a manufacturing facility we are also able to leverage the advantages that being part of the Maurice Ward Group can bring us. This includes the ability to fully manage a client’s supply chain from manufacture to freight to logistics. This can result in cheaper transport costs and significantly less cost and trouble for our customer.

As we have such a range of technologies many of our staff are cross functional and multi skilled. They have been responsible for the successful implementation of many projects, sometimes on very short lead times. We look on most customer requests as a challenge not a problem.

Our current range of injection moulding machines (data sheet download) range from 60 tons up to 1750 tons. We process a large range of plastics from Polyolefin to Nylons, acetyls and filled polymers.